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Patching Up Paradise: A Photo Essay (Click here to launch)
A likeness of Prahupada, the founder of the Hare Krishna movement in the West, still seems to work diligently at a desk in the palace his followers built in his memory. The farming community they built in the hills of West Virginia, New Vrindaban, boasted 700 residents at its height. Forty years later, there are about two dozen. Can New Vrindaban survive its mid-life crisis? (Launch gallery)

Caring for Krishna's cows

For Hare Krishnas, cows are considered holy. And it's Jay's job to make sure they're treated like gods. (Launch audio slide show)



For the deities' pleasure

Hare Krishna worship incorporates scores of traditions and rituals rooted in Hindu culture. (Launch audio slide show)


Chanting the maha mantra

For New Vrindaban's residents, days are filled with chanting, chanting, and more chanting. (Launch gallery)


A palace in the hills

Prabhupada's Palace of Gold is still the community's biggest tourist draw, but it's straining under the weight of age. (Launch gallery)
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